My Brother Jack (1965)


Network: ABC


Episodes: 10
Length: minutes

Synopsis: Revolves around the lives of a middle class suburban family and the particular, and often polar opposite experiences of the two sons Jack being the happy-go-lucky older brother who cannot hold down a job, and Davey who wants to be a writer. Both are a huge disappointment for their embittered father, a World War 1 veteran angry at the world for the way life has played out for him. As it stands, the war is the greatest thing that had ever happened to him and while Jack despises him and what he stands for, his life does end up following the same pattern. While Davey manages to escape the middle-class problems of his family, he does not live a life filled with happiness and yearns for the simple life of old. (ABC)

Role Actor

Cast list:

Ed Devereaux
Nick Tate
John Armstrong
Chris Christensen
David Copping
Tom Farley
Stewart Ginn
Gordon Glenwright
Marion Johns
Richard Meikle
Richard Morse
Ronald Moss
Rosalind Seagrave
June Thody