Mysterious Island (1997)

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Network: Nine

Premiere: 15 March 19971
Final: 16 August 1997

Episodes: 22
Length: 60 minutes

S1 (1997)

Role Actor

Cast list:
Captain Cyrus Harding
Jack Pencroft
Joanna Pencroft
Gideon Spilett
Herbert Pencroft
Neb Brown
Captain Nemo
Alan Scarfe
C David Johnson
Colette Stevenson
Stephen Lovatt
Gordon Michael Woolvett
Andy Marshall
John Bach

• This series is a New Zealand & Canadian co-production, due to the fact some of the actors in this series have appeared in Australian series, I have included this series to avoid confusion with thinking it is an Australian series and so not to look back for it. To be deleted at a later date.
• Production year - 1995
1 Started screening in Melbourne from June 1996