The New Adventures Of Black Beauty (1) (1992)


Network: Seven

Premiere: 20 September 1992

Episodes: 42
Length: 30 minutes

Role Actor

Cast list:
Mr Coates
Jenny Gordon Denning
Samuel Burton
Dr James Gordon
Victoria 'Vicky' Denning
Hilda Burton
David Bradshaw
Gedeon Burkhard
Stacy Dorning
Bill Kerr
William Lucas
Amber McWilliams
Ilona Rodgers

From Albert Moran's "Moran's Guide to Australian TV Series" 1993
• This series produced in 1990 in New Zealand as a sequel to "The Adventures of Black Beauty" which was produced in the UK in 1972-1973. Actors Stacy Dorning and William Lucas duplicated their roles from the original. Another series with the same name was produced in 1992 in Australia and screened in 1996.
• This series has a few Australian actors, thus it is included in this guide.