The New Adventures Of Skippy (1992-1993)


Network: Nine

Premiere 1: 26 March 1992
Premiere 2: 04 May 1992
Final: 08 March 1993

Episodes: 39
Length: 30 minutes
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Synopsis: In this continuation of the classic series, Sonny Hammond has grown up from the much loved boy to a 37 year-old widower. He lives on an animal theme park with his 10 year-old twins in Australia’s tropical North and Skippy, the bush kangaroo, takes them all on many exciting adventures. (Beyond International)

Role Actor

Cast list:
Sonny Hammond
Louise Hammond
Jerry Hammond
Kate Burgess
Ranger Dave (1)
Thelma McGee
Andrew Clarke
Kate McNeil
Simon James
Fiona Shannon
Joss McWilliams
Moya O'Sullivan

Walter Gorman
Ranger Dave (2)
David Clendinning
Andrew Booth

S1 (1992)
Ep titles
S2 (1992-1993)


• This series was originally denied a "C" classification, so Channel 9 screened two preview episodes on 26.03.1992 to get the viewers thoughts. The Classification Board reviewed the series again, in which it was re-classified to "C".
• Very big thanks to Liz for supplying the guest cast credits.