Number 96 (1972-1977)


Network: Ten


Length: 35 minutes

Role Actor

Cast list:
Bev Houghton
Trixie O'Toole
Harold Wilkinson
Roma Godolfus
Helen Eastwood
Edie McDonald
Mrs Florentine
Flo Patterson
Henrietta/Hope Jackson
Jane Chester
Sir Arnold Ashton
Reg McDonald
Carol Finlayson
Alf Sutcliffe
Gary Whittaker
Carlo Lenzi
Maria Panucci
Rose Godolfus
Patti Olsen/Feather
Diana Moore
Janie Somers
Marilyn McDonald
Mark Eastwood
Don Finlayson
Dudley Butterfield
Sharon Lewis
Grant Chandler
Norma Whittaker
Arnold Feather
Lucy Sutcliffe
Miles Cooper
Liz Chalmers
Horace Deerman
Vera Collins
Aldo Godolfus
Debbie Chester
Dorrie Evans
Lee Chandler
Les Whittaker
Giovanni Lenzi
Opal Wilkinson
Phyllis Pratt
Jack Sellars
Simon Carr
Vicky Dawson Feather
Sonia Freeman/Vansard/Hunter
Dean McDonald
Tony Buxton
Jaja Gibson
Claire Houghton
Laura Trent
Herb Evans
Duncan Hunter
Phillip Kerr
Tony Brent
Frank Smith
Maggie Cameron
Gary Sutton
Harry Collins
Jan Adele
Dave Allenby
Phillippa Baker
Briony Behets
Wendy Blacklock
Aillen Britton
Bunny Brooke
Chelsea Brown
Suzanne Church
James Condon
Mike Dorsey
Paula Duncan
James Elliott
Mike Ferguson
Joseph Furst
Arianthe Galani
Vivienne Garrett
Pamela Garrick
Rebecca Gilling
Robyn Gurney
Frances Hargreaves
Martin Harris
Joe Hasham
Chad Hayward
Noni Hazelhurst
Michael Howard
Sheila Kennelly
Jeff Kevin
Elisabeth Kirkby
Scott Lambert
Margaret Laurence
Harry Lawrence
Elaine Lee
Johnny Lockwood
Dina Mann
Pat McDonald
Stephen McDonald
Gordon McDougall
Harry Michaels
Nat Nixon
Moya O'Sullivan
Tom Oliver
John Orcsik
Kay Powell
Lynn Rainbow
Carol Raye
Marty Rhone
Bruce Russell
Anya Saleky
Thelma Scott
Mary Ann Severne
Ron Shand
Alistair Smart
Henri Szeps
Patrick Ward
Roger Ward
Bettina Welch
Peter Whiteford
Norman Yemm

• A feature film was made in 1974. It's first TV screening was 20 September 1978.
• Thanks to Jenni for assisting in filling some of the gaps.
• As this series had a high turn-over of actors, trying to establish main/regular charactors to minor/guest charactors seems to be impossible because I did not view the series when it was originally run. All the above credits are from sources that I have come across. For more credits go to TV Tome site or this privateer's site (external sites).