Out Of The Body (1989)


Network: Nine (No )

Premiere: 29 July 1995 (No )

Episodes: 1 tf
Length: 120 minutes

Synopsis: Out of the body there can be danger: David Gaze, an unwitting astral traveller goes one step too far... and finds himself the prime suspect in a series of demonic murders. (AFC)

Role Actor

Cast list:
Paul Mitz
Security guard
Sergeant Whittake
Maggi Jarrott
David Gaze
Stephanie Parker
Neva St Clair
Senior Detective Delgarno
Policeman No 1
Carla Duprey
Barbara Sloan
Mary Mason
Policeman No 2
Lydia Langton
Shane Briant
Tim Campbell
John Clayton
Margi Gerard
David Hannay
Mark Hembrow
Sally Hudson
Tessa Humphries
Jon Ley
Jack Myers
Valerie Newsstead
Linda Newton
Helen O'Connor
Mary Regan
Gerry Tacovsky
Trisha Treanor
Carrie Zivetz