Out There (2003/2004)


Network: ABC

Premiere: 10 February 2003
Final: 19 October 2004

Episodes: 25 (13/12)
Length: 25 minutes
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Ep titles

Synopsis: Set in and around a veterinary clinic in the Australian bush, the series chronicles the lives of these characters as they navigate the obstacles of adolescence and attend to the needs of an ever-shifting menagerie of native and domestic animals. (AFC)

Role Actor

Cast list:
Reilly Evans
Aggie Thackery
Fiona MacDaniel
Miller McKee
Ellen Archer
Jonathan Archer
Tom Butler
Douglas Smith (S1)
Jade Ewen
Molly McCaffrey
Richard Wilson
Genevieve Hegney
David Roberts
Cody Kasch (S2)

S1 (2003)
S2 (2004)