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Welcome to the OZTV Credits website, I hope this site may be beneficial to you in your quest for information on Australian (and some New Zealand) television programs that have screened on Australian TVs in the last 50 years.

This site will give you brief factual information about series, serials, mini-series, tele-features, and telemovies that have graced our screens.  I believe that this site is a necessity as there are not many sites on the web that have this magnitude of Australian programs to show the world what Australia can and has produced.

As I am researching for this site by myself, I have not included program and episodes synopsis as this takes more time, and I cannot see that they will be included in the near future.  I must stress that I do not have any connection to the programs listed.

I live in South Australia, so most of the dates (debut, final or screendates) and episode orders are South Australian, as this may not matter since the late 1980s when all states came in-line with each other (excepting for individual state specials), it did matter before then as South Australia was usually behind New South Wales and Victoria in screening programs; sometimes up to 12 months, but I hope the other information will be practical to you.  Also episode length may vary as South Australia may have screened episodes as one 60 minute block, where as Eastern states screened two 30 minute episodes over two nights.

Research into Australian television is a never-ending task and admittedly this site will never be completed.  Researching involves searching TV guides for episode titles, screen dates and episode length, recording opening and closing credits, contacting production companies and networks.  Every effort is made for the information provided to accurate as possible, but I know there are and will be some inaccuracy so please do not hold me to it.

Want to help?  you can.

I have started a few episode screen date guides but not have put them on line as they are still to be completed.  So if you would like to assist or you have any corrections, additions, or comments please feel free to contact me, but please note any information will or will not be used at my discretion, and I would prefer your 'own' information-research.  Any one who contributes will be noted.  Click at the top of this site to send info.

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