Pacific Drive (1996-2000)


Network: Nine

Premiere: 29 January 1996
Final (1): 04 March 2000
Final (2): 03 December 2000

Episodes: 390
Length: 30 minutes

Role Actor

Cast list:
(in alpha order)
Laura Harris
Adam Stephens
Rick Carlyle
Luke Bowman
Grant Crozier
Tim Browning
Josh Michaels
Joel Ritchie
Sam Daniels
Martin Harris
Trey Devlin
Georgina Ellis
Callie McRae
Amber Kingsley/Devlin
Zoe Marshall-Browning
Brett Barrett
Bethany Daniels
Mara De Villenois
Simone Buchanan
Mark Constable
Andre Eikmeier
Steve Harman
Les Hill
Darrin Klimek
Peter Kowitz
Adrian Lee
Rebecca MaCauley
Joss McWilliam
Lloyd Morris
Kate Raison
Danielle Spencer
Christine Stephen-Daly
Libby Tanner
Erik Thomson
Melissa Tkautz
Rowena Wallace (s-r)

The series of 1st run episodes ended on 04.03.2000, except for one episode which was screened later in the year.
This episode was written specifically to tie a few loose ends when the production was cancelled.