Paradise Beach (1993-1994)


Network: Nine

Premiere: 31 May 1993
Final: 10 July 1994

Episodes: 260
Length: 30 minutes

Role Actor

Cast list:
(in alpha order)
Emily Harris
Kirk Barsby
Ken Hayden
Tom Barsby
Tori Hayden
Anna Ritchie
Joan Hayden
Robyn Devereaux
Brooke Bannister
Grommet Ritchie
Loretta Taylor
Roy McDermott
Cassie Barsby
Lisa Whitman
Cooper Hart
Nick Barsby
Sean Hayden
Melissa Bell
Jon Bennett
Michael Caton
Robert Coleby
Megan Connolly
Deborah Coulls
Paula Duncan
Isla Fisher
Gabrielle Fitzpatrick
Tony Hayes
Raelee Hill
John Holding
Kimberley Joseph
Tiffany Lamb
Matt Lattanzi
Andrew McKaige
Ingo Rademacher

• A 120 minute telemovie (sic!) called "Paradise Beach - The Movie" was screened on Sunday,
06 June 1993 (6 days after the premiere episode). Was this the first week's episodes made into one?
• The 100th episode was advertised to screen on 15 October 1993.
• The final three episodes were made into a 90 minute telemovie (sic! again!) and was screened in the afternoon on Sunday, 10 July 1994.