The Petrov Affair (1987)




Episodes: 2 ms
Length: minutes

Synopsis: In the 1950s Petrov was a Soviet spy who was posted to Canberra with his wife, Evdokia. When Stalin died, Petrov and his wife fell out of favour with Moscow and they were ordered to return home by the new Ambassador. Petrov, fearing the reception he would receive, decided to defect and on ASIO's demand, brought along a stash of secret documents.

Role Actor

Cast list:
Soviet Ambassador Lifanov
Mrs Lifanov
Mr Golovanov
Dr HV Evatt
Mrs Marsha Golovanov
Fergen O'Sullivan
Nina Morozov
Vladimir Petrov
Rupert Lockwood
Monsieur Phillip Betancourt
Brigidier Charles Spry
Mr Kovaliev
Mr Kislytson
Mrs Kislytin
Evdokia Petrov
Dr Michael Bialoguski

Anatole Afanastev
Ludmilla Afanastev
Peter Black
Ilya Bordman
Simon Chilvers
Elena Emerin
Bill Fox
Melita Jurisic
Alex Menglet
Dennis Moore
John Propper
Wyn Roberts
Dalibor Satalic
George Shevtsov
Tanya Siminov
Eva Sitta
Swawomir Wabik
Kirk Alexander
Leonid Gelbak
Kim Gyngell
Alan Hopgood
Genevieve Picot
Norman Yemm