Pirate Islands (2003)


Network: Ten

Premiere: 26 May 2003
Final: 30 June 2003

Episodes: 26
Length: 30 minutes
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Synopsis: An extraordinary and ambitious live action fantasy adventure. When 15 year old Kate Redding and her younger brother and sister are zapped into a land of 18th Century swashbuckling pirates, there is bound to be plenty of action and adventure. Marooned in an exotic archipelago, the three children set up base in a tree house and do battle with Captain Blackheart, his band of Pirates and a stranded group of Castaway Children. They discover the only way home is to finish the game - by beating the Pirates and the Castaway Children to the hidden pirate treasure. (jonathan-m-shiff.com.au)

Role Actor

Cast list:
Kate Redding
Sarah Redding
Nicholas Redding
Brooke Harman
Eliza Taylor-Cotter
Nicholas Donaldson
Oliver Ackland
Collin Moody

S1 (2003)