Platypus Cove (1983)


Network: ABC

Premiere: 23 December 1984

Episodes: 1 tf
Length: 70 minutes

Synopsis: A 16-year old teenage orphan must decide whether or not he can compromise his freedom and accept the offer of a home from a kindly Australian tug boat owner.

Role Actor

Cast list:
(from video)
Frank Nelson
Margaret Davis
Jenny Nelson
Jim Mason
Peter Nelson
Grandma Mason
Winston Bell
Paddy O'Neil
Sgt Don Bailey
Mr Anderson

Shop manager
Ted Finch
Dr Rinaldi
Boxing second
Michael Peters
Boxing second
Leo Baldwin
Boat seller
Tony Barry
Carmen Duncan
Simone Buchanan
Paul Smith
Martin Lewis
Aileen Britton
Henri Szeps
Mark Henbrow
Dennis Miller
Bill Kerr

Brian Anderson
Allen Bickford
Robin Bowering
Robert Carnamolla
John Chedid
Tim Grogan
John Ley
Patrick Mansfield


• Part of ABC's Summer Season of Family Movies. Other movies include Run Rebecca, Run! ; Fluteman ; Mystery At Castle House ; Wilde's Domain ; Chase Through The Night.