Police Crop - The Winchester Conspiracy (1990)


Network: ABC

Premiere: 21 March 1990

Episodes: 1 tvm
Length: 100 minutes

Synopsis: Over several years, some members of both the Australian Federal and New South Wales state Police Forces, worked with the Mafia in growing and distributing marijuana. When the conspiracy was uncovered - a murder was solved and many arrests were made but not before $14 million worth of drugs had hit the streets of Sydney and Melbourne, and Assistant Commissioner Colin Winchester was gunned down for his part in cleaning it up. (ABC)

Role Actor

Cast list:
Guiseppe Verduci
Antonio Barbaro
Supt Bob Blissett
Det Sergeant Bill Cullen
Det Const Max Chapman
Asst Comm Colin Winchester
Det Sgt Brian Lockwood
Mario Cannistra
Luigi Pochi
Les Doogan
Luciano Catenacci
Vince D'Amico
Max Fairchild
Terry Gill
Frankie J Holden
Gerard Kennedy
Tim Robertson
Rob Ruggiero
Joseph Spano
Rod Williams