Police Rescue (1989/1991-1996)


Network: ABC

Pilot: 15 March 1989
Premiere: 14 February 1991
Final: 22 November 1996

Episodes: 61
Length: 50 minutes

S1 (1991)
S2 (1992)
S3 (1993)
S4 (1995)
S5 (1996)

Role Actor

Cast list:
Steve 'Mickey' McClintock
Georgia Rattray
Yiannis 'Angel' Angelopoulos
Bill Adams
Peter 'Ridgy' Ridgeway
Trevor 'Sootie' Coledale
Fred 'Frog' Catteau
Percy 'Ptomaine' Warren
Kevin 'Nipper' Harris
Sharyn Elliott
Kathy Orland
Brian Morley
Glenn 'Spider' Webb
Anastasia Skouras
Joe Cardillo
Tracy Davis
Gary Sweet
Sonia Todd
Steve Bastoni
John Clayton
Tim McKenzie (1990)
Peter Browne (1990)
Marshall Napier (1990/1992)
Doug Scroope (1990/1992-1993)
Steve Bisley (1992-1994)
Belinda Cotterill (1992-1993/1995)
Tammy McIntosh (1992-1994)
Jeremy Callaghan (1992-1994)
Frankie Holden (1994-1995)
Ada Nicodemou (1994)
Salvatore Coco (1995)
Leah Purcell (1995)

Series debut.
• A special called Police Rescue In Action (60min) was screened on the ABC on 09 March 1994. It's a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the series, with interviews with the cast.
• Years in brackets are production years.