Power Without Glory (1976)


Network: ABC

Premiere: 21 June 1976
Final: December 1976

Episodes: 26
Length: 50 minutes

Synopsis: For the battlers in the Melbourne slums of the depression, there are two ways to beat the bosses; one through organised labour and the growing trade union movement and the other to challenge the establishment on its own ground through the acquisition of wealth and power. John West chose the latter course. (ABC)

Role Actor

Cast list:

Snoopy Tanner

Mrs Moran

BIll Evans
Mary West
Mrs West
Dick Bradley

David Garside
Barney Robinson

Arthur West
Eddie Corrigan
Nellie Moran/West
John West

Tom Trumbleward
Sugar Renfrey
Elspeth Ballantyne
Tony Barry
Graeme Blundell
Tony Bonner
Heather Canning
Terence Donovan
Maurie Fields
John Hargreaves
Wendy Hughes
Irene Inescourt
Gerard Kennedy
Val Lehman
Leon Lissek
George Mallaby
Gus Mercurio
Helen Morse
Michael Pate
Tim Robertson
Sean Scully
Rosalind Spiers
Martin Vaughan
Rowena Wallace
Frank Wilson
John Wood