Richmond Hill (1988)


Network: Ten

Premiere: 27 January 1988
Final: 15 December 1988

Episodes: 92
Length: 60 minutes

Synopsis: Drama series about the residents of an outer-city suburb and the events that happen around their community and their police station. (AFC)

Role Actor

Cast list:
Frank Hackett
Mark Johnson
Alice Costello
Janet Bryant
Warren Bryant
Andrew Ryan
Dan Costello
Ivy Hackett
Roger Lawson
Connie Ryan
Jill Warner
Marty Bryant
Mum Foote
Tim Shannon
Susan Miller
Anne Costello
Robert Alexander
Warren Blondell
Rona Coleman
Paula Duncan
Tim Elston
Marc Gray
Ross Higgins
Maggie Kirkpatrick
Peter Kowitz
Amanda Muggleton
Dina Panozzo
Ashley Paske
Gwen Plumb
Robert Sampson
Felicity Soper
Emily Symons