Run Rebecca, Run! (1984)


Network: ABC

Premiere: 16 December 1984

Episodes: 1 tf
Length: 75 minutes

Synopsis: When a local newspaper offers a fully-equipped bicycle to the young person submitting the best photograph of their pet with suitable caption, Rebecca Porter is off in a hurry into the nearby National Park with cockatoo, Fancy. (video sleeve)

Role Actor

Cast list:
(from video)
Manuel Cortez
Mr Porter
Mrs Porter

Policewoman Kelly
Minister for Immigration
Member for Southdown
Andrew Porter
Speaker of Parliament
Sergeant Jamieson
Mr Dimitros, MP
Cranky member
Henri Szeps
John Stanton
Mary Ann Severne
Adam Garnett
Simone Buchanan

Dawn Blay
John Ewart
Cornelia Frances
Jay Hackett
Ron Haddrick
Scott Higgins
Tom Richards
Peter Sumner
Martin Vaughan


• Part of ABC's Summer Season of Family Movies. Other movies include Platypus Cove ; Fluteman ; Mystery At Castle House ; Wilde's Domain ; Chase Through The Night.