Salem's Lot (2004)




Episodes: 2 ms
Length: 240 minutes


Role Actor

Cast list:
Charlie Rhodes
Matt Burke
Mark Petrie
Dud Rogers
Father Donald Callahan
Marjorie Glick
Barlow (Final incarnate)
Larry Crockett
Kurt Barlow
Registered nurse
Ben Mears
Dr Cody
Susan Norton
Floyd Tibbits
Richard Stracker
Sheriff Parkins
Andy Anderson
Andre Braugher
Dan Byrd
Brendan Cowell
James Cromwell
Rebecca Gibney
Shayne Greenman
Robert Grubb
Rutger Hauer
Christopher Kirkby
Rob Lowe
Robert Mammone
Samantha Mathis
Todd MacDonald
Donald Sutherland
Steve Vidler


• This series was made for the US broadcaster TNT. The reason for the inclusion of this title in this site is that the series was made in Australia using American actors in the lead roles, but Australian actors were casted in the minor roles.
Not yet screened in Australia (on free-to-air tv) that I'm aware of. If it has been screened on Australia pay-tv, let me know with aproximate date of first screening.