Sea Patrol (2007-)


Network: Nine

Premiere: 05 July 2007
Final: 23 June 2008

Episodes: 26
Length: 60 minutes
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Synopsis: The story of ordinary heroes doing an extraordinary job - the men and women of the Navy Patrol Boat Service who battle the elements and the odds to defend our borders and enforce the economic zone. (AFC)

Role Actor

Cast list:
CPO Andy Thorpe (Charge)
Lt Nikki Caetano (Nav)
CPO Chris Blake (Swain)
AS Toby Jones (Chefo)
LS Josh Holiday (ET)
Lt Kate McGregor (XO)
Seaman Billy Webb (Spider)
LS Robert J Dixon (RO)
Lt Comm Mike Flynn (CO)
BPO Bosun Pete Tomaszewksi (Buffer)
Rebecca 'Bomber' Brown (Chef)
John Batchelor
Saska Burmeister
Matthew Holmes
Josh Lawson (2007)
David Lyons
Lisa McCune
Jay Ryan
Kristian Schmid
Ian Stenlake
Jeremy Lindsay Taylor
Kirsty Lee Allan (2008)

S1 (2007)
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S2 (2008)