Secrets (1993-1994)


Network: ABC

Premiere: 16 September 1993
Final: 26 February 1994

Episodes: 13
Length: 50 minutes
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Synopsis: Secrets is a world of intrigue, paranoia and hidden agendas, where nothing is ever quite as it seems. The FIRM is a small, secret, government agency dealing with national security in a world where the old lines defining enemies and allies are now blurred. At the same time however, the perils of international organised crime and terrorist group activity have raised the stakes higher than ever before. (ABC)

Role Actor

Cast list:
David Skelton
Sarah Foster
Virginia Drury
Gary O'Leary
Ed Casser
Tom Jacobs
Michael Fry
Rachel Griffiths
Babs McMillan
Marshall Napier
Tony Poli
Frank Whitten

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