The Seven Ages Of Man (1975)

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Network: ABC


Episodes: 7 tps
Length: 30 minutes

Role Actor

Cast list:
The Infant
gs: Patrick Leehy, Jeff Ashby, Max Meldrum

The Schoolboy
gs: Melissa Jaffer, Tony Shepherd, Brian Anderson

The Lover
gs: Margaret Nelson, Mark Lee

The Soldier
gs: Judith Arthy, John Waters, Brian James

The Justice
gs: Jacki Weaver, Kevin Miles, Betty Lucas

Slipper'd Pantaloon
gs: Willie Fennell, Zoe Lake, Betty Dyson

The Last Scene Of All
gs: Alexander Archdale, Colin Croft, Julieanne Newbould

• Another series of teleplays called Quality Of Mercy written by females was produced.