Something In The Air (2000-2002)


Network: ABC

Premiere: 17 January 2000
Final: 02 May 2002

Episodes: 320
Length: 25 minutes

S1 (2000)
S2 (2001)
S3 (2002)

Role Actor

Cast list:
Mon Taylor
Sally Sabatini
Stuart McGregor
Ryan Cassidy
Julia Rutherford
Megan McGregor
Senator Doug Rutherford
Harry Virtue
Helen Virtue/Gorman
Tom Dooley
Joe Sabatini (1)
Dr Eva Petrovska
Len Taylor
Father Brian
Mark Waters
Dr Anne Young
Wayne Taylor
Joe Sabatini (2)
Anne Phelan
Danielle Carter
Frank Holden
Jeremy Lindsay Taylor
Kate Fitzpatrick
Mariel McClorey
Roger Oakley
Thomas Blackburne
Ulli Birve
Colin Moody (2000-2001)
Eric Bana (2000-2001)
Melita Jurisic (2000)
Ray Barrett (2000)
Steve Adams (2000)
Grant Bowler (2001-2002)
Nina Liu (2001-2002)
Sullivan Stapleton (2001-2002)
Vince Colosimo (2001)

• Season 2 was originally advertised to open on 05.02.2001, and episodes to screen nightly Monday to Thursday (Ep 161-164) but was deferred to until 03.03.2001 when episodes were screened Saturday nights in 2 episode blocks.