Stingers (1998-2004)


Network: Nine

Premiere: 29 August 1998
Final: 14 December 2004

Episodes: 191
Length: 60 minutes

Synopsis: Inspired and fuelled by the true-life experiences of its former undercover advisers, Stingers is a gripping, character-driven police drama that focuses on a group of undercover cops who work inside criminal circles to bring law breakers to justice.

Role Actor

Cast list:
Peter Church
Angie Piper
Kaye Kelso
Bernie Rocca
Ellen MacKenzie
Oscar Stone
Danny Mayo
Luke Hart
Christina Dichiera
Leo Flynn
Peter Phelps
Kate Kendall
Jessica Napier (1998)
Joe Petruzzi (1998-1999)
Anita Hegh (1998-2002)
Ian Stenlake (1998-2002)
Roxane Wilson (2000-2002)
Gary Sweet (2002-2004)
Jacinta Stapleton (2002-2004)
Daniel Frederiksen (2003-2004)

Ep titles
S1 (1998)
S2 (1999)
S3 (2000)
S4 (2001)
S5 (2002)
S6 (2003)
S7 (2004)