Top Mates (1979)


Network: ABC

Premiere: 23 July 1979
Final: 27 July 1979

Episodes: 6
Length: 30 minutes

Synopsis: Two boys, one white and one aboriginal run away from home and their encounters in the city to survive.

Role Actor

Cast list:
Paul Jackson
Brett Towers
Liz Towers
Rachel March
Mrs Towers
Mr Towers
Mrs Jackson
Mr Jackson

Adam Garnett
Michael McGlincey
Angela Gauci
Bronwyn Clark
Tessa Mallos
Ray Meagher
Justine Saunders
Candy Williams
Patrick Matthews
Gerard Needham

• Adelaide screendates: 23.07.1979 (x2), 24.07.1979 (x1), 25.07.1979 (x1), 26.07.1979 (x1), 27.07.1979 (x1)