Travelling Light (2003)


Network: SBS

Premiere: 29 April 2007

Episodes: 1 tvm
Length: 95 minutes

Synopsis: Set in the early 70s, it follows the story of two sisters growing up in suburban Adelaide. Leanne is thoroughly uninspired by the idea of becoming a teacher and thinks that she would be a better photographer than a teacher. Bronwyn would much prefer to return to teaching than being a housewife. Enter hippie American poet, Lou, to shake things up. (SBS)

Role Actor

Cast list:
Leanne Ferris
Bronwyn White
Lou Bonetti
Gary Wilkins
Don Ferris
Betty Ferris
Ray Sugars
Brian White

Debra Fowler
Ross Simpson
Dee Gregory
Mrs Jones
Mrs Wilkins
Floor manager
Young Bronwyn
Young Leanne
Deputy headmaster
Hospital doctor
Psychology lecturer
Child prodigy
Educational official
Insurance officer
Motel clerk
Smoking kid
Teacher #1
Teacher #2
Teacher #3
Family doctor
Pia Miranda
Sacha Horler
Brett Stiller
Tim Draxl
Marshall Napier
Heather Mitchell
Simon Burke
Kestie Morassi
Tamblyn Lord

Anna Torv
David Mealor
Joanne Priest
Phyllis Burford
Audrie Stern
Christina Page
Michael Scheid
Kerrie Anne Greenland
Bianca Langham
Peter Green
William Allert
Roderick Ho'Vell
Dominic Pedlar
Sophia Thompkins
Andrew Martin
Samuel Sibly
Luke Jacka
Scott Harrison
David Wolfe Barry
Michael Hill
Xavier Kiley
Hew Parham
Vanessa Forbes
Loretta Brades
Roger Newcombe

• Part of the 2007 Australian film season.