Underbelly (2007)


Network: Nine

Premiere: 13 February 2008
Final: 07 May 2008

Episodes: 13
Length: 60 minutes
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Synopsis: The series explores the gangland wars of Melbourne. After Victorian Police finally intercepted two contract killings in 2004, leading to multiple arrests, the death toll stood at 33, making it one of the bloodiest crime wars in the western world. (Screentime)

Role Actor

Cast list:
Steve Owen
Jacqui James
Carl Williams
Roberta Williams
Rodger Corser
Caroline Craig
Gyton Grantley
Kat Stewart


• The series was not screened in Victoria as The Office of Public Prosecution has claimed any airing of the series would prejudice any right or fair trial for an alleged murder suspect. Justice Betty King has said the series can't air until the murder trial is over.
• A second series has been confirmed and will be screened in February 2009

Ep titles
S1 (2008)