The Amorous Dentist (1983)

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Network: ABC

Premiere: 30 April 1983

Episodes: 1 tf
Length: 110 minutes

Synopsis: Based on a bizarre murder trial which scandalized the people of Sydney in 1865. Louis Bertrand a society dentist, mesmerist, frustrated actor and womaniser, was determined to have Mrs Kinder, a woman of dubious morals, to himself. He openly plotted to murder her hapless multi-cuckolded husband, Mr Kinder. But did he actually commit the crime? In court a strange tale unfolded, recalled by his young dental assistant/part-time magician. (AFC)

Role Actor

Cast list:
Alfred Burne
Henry Kinder
Dr Louis Bertrand
Maria Kinder
Jane Bertrand
Francis Jackson
David Atkins
Robin Bowering
Robert Grubb
Ron Haddrick
Juliet Jordan
Elaine Morgan
Bill Pearson

• Part of the Verdict telefeature series.