The Dean Case (1982)

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Network: ABC

Premiere: 26 February 1983

Episodes: 1 tf
Length: 80 minutes

Synopsis: In 1885, George Dean, a Sydney ferry boat Captain, was accused of attempting to poison his wife. Dean, having saved six passengers from drowning, was a local hero. The verdict of guilty outraged the public and the popular press took up cudgels. Citizens formed Dean Defence Committees. Dean's lawyer Richard Meagher, realised his hoped-for political career could benefit from the publicity. His partner, William 'Paddy' Crick, championed Dean's cause in parliament, and a Royal Commission was set up to examine fresh evidence and decide whether Dean should be released. (AFC)

Role Actor

Cast list:
Mrs Seymour
Mary Dean
George Dean
Paddy Crick
Lola Brooks
Celia De Burgh
Lewis Fitz-Gerald
Paul Mason

• Part of the Verdict telefeature series.