The Schippan Mystery (1984)

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Network: ABC

Premiere: 22 September 1984

Episodes: 1 tf
Length: 90 minutes

Synopsis: In 1902 Bertha Schippan, 13, was savagely murdered in Towitta, South Australia; her elder sister was condemned as the murderer. Public sympathy saved her from the hangman's noose. Did she do it to escape a harsh and spartan family life? (AFC)

Role Actor

Cast list:
Mrs Schippan
Gustave Nitschke
Sir Josiah Symon
Mathias Schippan
Mary Schippan
Mr Stuart
Bertha Schippan
Willie Schippan
Detective Edward Priest
August Schippan
Dorothy Alison
Brandon Burke
Arthur Dignam
Joseph Furst
Sally McKenzie
Matthew O'Sullivan
Desiree Smith
Yves Stenning
Martin Vaughan
Michael Winchester

• Part of the Verdict telefeature series.