Who Killed Hannah Jane? (1984)

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Network: ABC

Premiere: 29 September 1984

Episodes: 1 tf
Length: 80 minutes

Synopsis: One of Australia's most controversial murder trials. Hannah Jane was found with her throat severely cut - too severely for suicide. Her husband was the chief suspect and the case became an example of a jury being overwhelmed by questionable expert scientific evidence. (AFC)

Role Actor

Cast list:
Archibald McDonnell
Hannah Jane Peden
William Coyle
Marion Andrews
Mr Andrews
James Harnney
Arthur Peden
Mrs Edwards
Mr Justice Street
James Gannon
Francis Bell
Judi Farr
John Gregg
Jennifer Hagen
Edward Howell
Barry Otto
Graham Rouse
June Salter
Leonard Teale
Peter Whitford

• Part of the Verdict telefeature series.