Waterloo Station (1983)


Network: Nine

Premiere: 02 February 1983
Final: 08 September 1983

Episodes: 40
Length: 60 minutes

Role Actor

Cast list:
George Logan
David Keller
Jack Edwards
Steve Colby
Tony Harris
Ann Logan
Harry McDowell
Trevor Brown
Joey Daniels
Rick Thompson
Sally Edwards
Rosie Wallace
Liz Edwards
Stacey Daniels
John Bonney
Malcolm Cork
Ron Graham
Steven Grives
Bartholomew John
Jenny Ludlam
Robert "Tex" Morton
Danny Roberts
Paul Smith
Gerry Sont
Sally Taylor
Jennifer West
Pam Western
Julianne White

From Albert Moran's "Moran's Guide to Australian TV Series" 1993
• The series was pulled from air in the eastern states around April 1983, and later returned in the non-ratings summer period.