Wedlocked (1994)


Network: Seven

Premiere: 07 September 1994

Episodes: 11
Length: 30 minutes

Synopsis: In this age of uncertainty, when marriages often don't last beyond the honeymoon, Chris and Susie Gilchrist are an emblem of hope. They are Australia's most happily married couple with two adoring teenage children and a dog. And they've only just met. (AFC)

Role Actor

Cast list:
Chris Gilchrist
Suzy Abruzzo/Gilchrist
Lex Dexter
Brandon Burke
Dina Panozzo
Richard Piper

Semi-regulars: Ben Gilchrist
Holly Abruzzo
Mrs Abruzzo
Paul Reardon
Kelly Sulikowski
Evelyn Krape

• A story in SMH's The Guide mentions that 13 episodes were made or going to made.