We're Here To Help (2007)


Network: Seven


Episodes: 1 tvm
Length: minutes

Synopsis: In February 1994, Christchurch businessman Dave Henderson walked into the Inland Revenue Department. He was not a happy man. His girlfriend had recently been there to collect a refund Dave's company was owed. An IRD staff member made some suggestive comments to her. Dave told the IRD officer that if he ever talked to one of his employees like that again he would kick his "fat arse from one end of Cashel Street to the other".

Role Actor

Cast list:
Dave Henderson
Kath Harper
Rodney Hyde
Michael Harper
Phil McRae
Jack Beckett
Steve Arnett
Lesley Costello
Doug Johnson
Brian Palliser
Bill Birch
Max Cathie
Ron Muir
Charles Gavin
IRD receptionist
IRD man
Erik Thomson
Mariama Smith
Michael Hurst
Cameron Ramsay-Gibbons
Will Wallace
John Clarke
Jason Hoyte
Emma Aubin
Minnie Baragwanath
John Leigh
Stephen Papps
Geoff Clendon
Peter Elliott
Greg Johnson
Max Clare
David Ashton
Georgina Monro
Paul Burns
Paul Barrett

• A New Zealand production.