Wilde's Domain (1982)


Network: ABC

Premiere: 13 January 1983

Episodes: 1 tf
Length: 75 minutes

Synopsis: Drama about the Wilde circus family. Dan Wilde's lates venture brings an international ballet to Australia and family conflicts develop when Dan's entrpreneurial interests become entangled with local politics. (BFI)

Role Actor

Cast list:
(from video)
Dan Wilde
Hannah Wilde

Alex Wilde
Tom Moore
Andrew Wilde
David Wilde
Yuri Danilov
Press reporter
Fire chief
Desk sergeant
Kit Taylor
June Salter

Lenore Smith
Martin Vaughan
Tim Eliott
Jeanie Drynan
Alan Lee
Steven Grives
Henri Szeps
Ivar Kants
Warwick Moss
Stuart Campbell
Peter De Salis
Allen Bickford
Jeff Brown
David Williams
John McKenzie Low
Ken Brown
Sydney City Ballet Company


• Part of ABC's Summer Season of Family Movies. Other movies include Chase Through The Night ; Fluteman ; Mystery At Castle House ; Platypus Cove ; Run Rebecca, Run!.
• The closing credits did not include role names, the role names are from the rear sleeve of the video.
• Spelling difference from rear sleeve and closing credits include Alan Bickford (sleeve) and Allen Bickford (credits), Peter DeSalis (sleeve) and Peter De Salis (credits).
• Ken Brown's credit (as Desk sergeant) was on the sleeve but not in the closing credits.
John McKenzie Low's charactor was not credited. Thanks John for your assistance in filling in this gap.
On request from Allen Bickford I am including a link to his site. No responsibilty will be accepted from OZTV Credits for any misrepresentation from this site.