You Can't See 'Round Corners (1967)


Network: Seven

Premiere: 03 July 1967

Episodes: 26
Length: 30 minutes

Synopsis: A drama series about a young man who deserts the army during the Vietnam War. (NFSA)

Role Actor

Cast list:
Frankie McCoy
Mrs McCoy
Mick "Patto" Patterson
Myra Neilson
Peg Clancy
Margie Harris
Jack Kelly
Lennie Ryan

Ken Shorter
Lyndall Barbour
Slim De Grey
Carmen Duncan
Judith Fisher
Rowena Wallace
John Armstrong
Vincent Gil
Sandy Harbutt
David Hopping
Garry McDonald
Helen Morse
Aarme Neeme
Tom Oliver
Derani Scarr
Allister Smart
Audrey Teesdale


• A feature film was produced in 1968, included in the cast were Ken Shorter (as Frankie McCoy), Lyndall Barbour (Mrs McCoy), Rowena Wallace (Margie Harris), Carmen Duncan (Myra Neilson), Judith Fisher (Peg Clancy), Slim de Grey (Mick Patterson), Max Cullen (Peeper), Kevin Leslie (Ern), Goff Vockler (Barney), Lou Vernon (Nugget), John Armstrong (Jack Kelly), Peter Aanensen (Sergeant Quinn), Max Phipps (Keith Grayson), Vincent Gil (Lennie Ryan), Henri Szeps (Peter), Marion Johns (Mrs Harris), John Barnes (Mr Harris), the Atlantics.