Young Ramsay (1977/1981)


Network: Seven

Premiere: 04 November 1977

Episodes: 13 / 13
Length: 60 minutes
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Synopsis: About a young vet in an Australian coastal town. Peter Ramsay, a young (early 30s) city vet working in the Sydney racing community becomes disillusioned with life in the big smoke. He moves to the country and joins the veterinary practice of Jack Lambert in the fictional country town of Jindarra, located along the coast of Victoria near the New South Wales border. (NFSA)

Role Actor

Cast list:
Peter Ramsey
Ray Turner
Julie Lambert
Jack Lambert
Cassie McCallum
John Hargreaves
Serge Lazareff
Barbara Llewellyn (1977)
Vic Gordon (1977)
Louise Howitt (1980)

Ep titles

From Albert Moran's "Moran's Guide to Australian TV Series" 1993