Datasheets for HDD memory ICs including EEPROM, EPROM, flash

93C56W6, STMicroelectronics, 2Kbit, 256 x 8 or 128 x 16-bit, serial EEPROM, marking C56W6:

93LC56, 1K/2K/4K 2.5 Microwire Serial EEPROM:

AT24C16N, Atmel, 2-wire Serial EEPROM, 2Kx8:

AT25DF041A, Atmel, 4-megabit 2.3-volt or 2.7-volt Minimum SPI Serial Flash Memory:

AT25F512AN, SPI Serial Flash Memory, Atmel, 2.7V - 3.6V, 512Kbit (65,536 x 8):

AT25F1024, SPI Serial Memory, Atmel, 2.7V - 3.6V, 1Mbit (131,072 x 8):

AT27C1024, Atmel, 1-Megabit (64K x 16) OTPROM:

AT45DB011B, Atmel, 1-Megabit, 2.7V - 3.6V, Serial DataFlash:

AT49F1024, Atmel, 1-megabit (64K x 16) 5-volt Only Flash Memory:

AT49LV1024-70VC, Atmel, 1-megabit (64K x 16) 3-volt Only Flash Memory (3.3V):

AT93C46D, 1Kbit, 3-Wire Bus Serial Automotive EEPROM, 2.5V, marking 46D1:

BR93LC66, Rohm, marking LC66, 4096-Bit Serial EEPROM:

BR93L76RF, Rohm, marking L76R, Microwire BUS 8Kbit (512 x 16bit) EEPROM, SOP-8P:

BR93L66RF-WE2, Rohm, Microwire BUS Serial EEPROM, 256+16bits, marking RL66, SOP8:

LE25FU106B, Sanyo, 1Mbit, 128Kx8, 2.3V - 2.6V, serial flash memory:

LE25FU206, Sanyo, 2Mbit, 256Kx8, 2.3V - 2.6V, serial flash memory:

LE25FU406B, Sanyo, 4M-bit (512K+8), 2.3V - 2.6V, Serial Flash Memory:

LE25FV055T, 512Kbit, 64Kx8, Sanyo, Serial flash memory, 8-pin:

LE25FW206, Sanyo, EEPROM:

LE25FW406ATT, Sanyo, 4M-bit, 512K × 8, Serial Flash Memory, Sector Type, 2.7V - 3.6V:

LE28F1101T-40, Sanyo, 1Mbit (64K + 16), 5V Flash EEPROM:

M25P40VP, ST Microelectronics, 4 Mbit (512 K + 8) Serial Flash memory:

M25P20VP, ST Microelectronics, 2 Mbit (256 K + 8) Serial Flash memory, SPI:

M25P05VP, ST Microelectronics, 512 Kbit, Low Voltage, Serial Flash Memory
With 20 MHz SPI Bus Interface:

M25P10V6, M25P10VP, ST Microelectronics, 1 Mbit (128 Kbit x 8) serial Flash memory:

M25P05AV, ST Microelectronics, 512 Kbit, Serial Flash Memory:

M29F102BB, EEPROM, 1 Mbit (64Kb x16), 5V, ST Microelectronics:

M29W102BB, ST Microelectronics, 1 Mbit (64Kb x16, Boot Block), Low Voltage Flash Memory:

MBM29F200TC-70PFTN, Fujitsu, 2Mbit (256K x 8 / 128K x 16), flash memory:

MBM29LV004TC-90PTN, Fujitsu, 4M-bit, 3.0 V-only Flash memory, 512K x 8:

MX25L8005, Macronix, 8Mbit, 3.3V, serial flash memory, marking code MX258005:$defaultview/3F21BAC2E121E17848257639003A3146/$File/MX25L8005-2.3.pdf

NM93C46, National Semiconductor, 1024-Bit Serial EEPROM, MICROWIRE Bus:

S25FL040A, Spansion, 3V, 4Mbit, SPI, flash EEPROM:

S-93C76A, CMOS SERIAL E2PROM, 8K-bit, 512 x 16, Seiko Instruments Inc.:

S93C66B, (Seiko Instruments) 4K-bit, CMOS SERIAL E2PROM:

ST93C86WP, ST Microelectronics, serial EEPROM:

SST25VF512, 512 Kbit SPI Serial Flash:

SST25LF020A, 2 Mbit SPI Serial Flash, Silicon Storage Technology, Inc:

SST25VF010A-33-4C-SAE, Silicon Storage Technology, Inc, 1 Mbit, 2.7 - 3.6V, SPI Serial Flash, 3.3V:

SST39LF100, Silicon Storage Technology, 1 Mbit (64K x16), flash memory:

SST45LF010-10-4C-SA, Silicon Storage Technology, Inc, 1 Mbit Serial Flash, 3.3V:

W25X10, Winbond, 3.3V, 1M-bit serial flash memory, SPI:

W25X10A, W25X10AVNIG, Winbond, 3.3V, 1M-bit serial flash memory, SPI:

W25X20ALNIG, Winbond, 2M-bit, 2.3V - 3.6V serial flash memory with 4KB sectors and dual output SPI:

W25X20BLNIG, Winbond, 2.3V - 3.6V, 2 Mbit serial flash memory, 4KB sectors, Dual I/O SPI:

W25X40ALS15, Winbond, 4Mbit serial flash:

W25X40AL09, Winbond, 4Mbit serial flash:

W25X40AL014, Winbond, 4Mbit serial flash:

W25X40LNEG, Winbond, 4Mbit, 2.3V - 3.6V serial flash memory with 4KB sectors and dual output SPI:

, Winbond, flash memory, 1Mbit, 64K x 16, 5V:

W49F102Q-45, Winbond, 1 Mbit, 64K x 16, 5V, flash memory:

W49L102Q, Winbond, flash memory, 1Mbit, 64K + 16, 3.3V: