Map - Railyard
CoD2 MP conversion
for CoDWaW



   Stalingrad, Russia


   Caen, France

   St Nazaire 2

   St Nazaire 1

   Kokoda Track

   Amberville WaW

   Schwere Gustav





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   Stalingrad, Russia


December 2014

The map is a rebuild of mp_railyard from Call of Duty 2
A christmas version is also available.

It features a custom skybox & many of the assets from call of Duty 2.



Final Release

October 2013

Updated the map adding a few more things.

For more information check the Montargis page.


   Caen, France

Final Release

July 2013

Updated the map with a few bug fixes & adjustments.

For more information check out the Caen page.



Script Fix

January 2013

Released a patch to fix the cable car scripts used by the map.
Place  z_brdswrd_ccfix.pk3  alongside  mp_broadsword.pk3  in your call of duty\uo\ folder.
Make sure the fix loads in after the map.
How do I do this? - Keep the filenames as they are & it will load correctly.

More info on the Broadsword page or read the included ReadMe.txt file.