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The information contained within this site concentrates on my ancestry. It is my interpretation of the information gained through my own research. Please correct me if you can.
I have additional information in many areas, so if you think you have a link, please contact me. I welcome any additional information that can add to the information presented here.

Pieces of my Family Tree

Ancestor Trees: Congdon Truscott (these show how all the descendant trees fit together)

Descendant Trees: Ashton Ball Best Congdon Cundy Hall Henry Henzell Jones Julian Law Lieth May McCrae McGee Mellow Mulholland Osbourne Rampling Richards Ross Sheppard Smith Snell Sutcliffe Trethewey Truscott Williamson

Other names mentioned in my trees

Allan Atkinson Barrett Bell Bennet Berlowitz Bishop Boyes Branch Brandum Brown Byrn Cantwell Cerche Christiansen Close Cole Davel Eddis Fedderson Fergie Ferres Fletcher Fordham Foullie Gow Gurney Hall Hall Hanger Hayes Healey Hemphill Hill Hille Hogben Horsfall Horsfall Ingleby Inkster Jones Jordan-Ellerman Kent Kerr King Kingsworth Kinnear Kitchingman Langley Lansdown Lousada McCann McClure McDonald McDonald McMaster McNeilage Marsh Martin Metzke Miles Morris Murphy Noseda Noyes Overall Perry Pilmer Quinlan Ralph Reed Reynolds Richards Roberts Roscoe Salisbury Sanders Sandys Savell Shearman Smith Southern Standeven Steere Tate Thompson Tisbury Tomlinson Tozer Tregear Turner Von Bibra Warner Warren Werner Whiston White Wood Wormald

Congdon Genealogy information that I have compiled

Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia, Queensland, Western Australia, New Zealand

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