Lightsabers 101 - by Yiorgz

This technique is just one way of making Lightsabers.

This lovely colour scheme is just one way of colouring this web page :)
(we're here to make Lightsabers not web pages) ps. I say - colour - because I'm in Australia

Have a look at this small movie file (224kb QuickTime 5) to see the effect when painted onto frames of a video sequence. It might work under QuickTime 4 - but I don't have QT4 so I can't test it.


Stage 1

Load your photo or frame of video into Photoshop.
(parts of the picture has been blurred to protect the innocent)

Stage 2

We select the Line Shape tool in Photoshop and draw a line matching our Lightsaber handle (in my case, empty shampoo bottle). If your line comes out black, it is because you had black selected as your foreground colour. Just click the colour box on the Shape 1 layer and choose white from the picker.

Stage 3

The easiest bit of all. Click on the Make Lightsaber button on your Photoshop Actions palette. What ?? You don't have a Make Lightsaber button ??? Tsk Tsk... download one here (right click and pick save as - option click on macs)

Stage 4

When you have clicked Make Lightsaber (btw - guess what the diff colours do ?? :)), you should get a Layer Set named Lightsaber with a White Inner Glow and a Coloured Glow. To tweak to your liking, just Gaussian Blur either of the two layers. To change the colour, press CTRL + u (Adjust Hue/Saturation menu equivalent) and drag the HUE adjustment slider around until it looks fine for you.

Stage 5

Do the Dance of Joy. Celebrate however you celebrate.

Further Messing Around

If you're a really bored individual, you can tweak the actions to your taste, add your own adjustments.

There's a better way to do this, which involves just using the Layer Blending options on Photoshop 6 (or 5). I'll leave it as an fun thing for you to work out on your own.

Hope this has been useful for some of you.