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Architecture Space & Gameplay in World of Warcraft & Battle for Middle Earth 2
CGIE 2006, Freemantle     Download PDF File
Videogames are created for play. In videogames play takes place in an artificially constructed environment - in gamespace. Gameplay occurs in gamespace. To understand videogames it is essential to understand how their spaces are implicated in play. This thesis asks - what are the relationships between play and space in videogames?

This thesis examines the relationships between space and play by looking at how architecture in constructed in gamespace and by looking at gamespace as an architectonic construct. In short examining architecture IN and the architecture OF gamespace.  The relationships between space and play in videogames are examined by looking at the structure of gamespace, by looking at the differences between real space and gamespace and through analysing architectural and spatial functionality.

This thesis discovers a series of important relationships between space and play, arguing that gamespace is used to create, manipulate and control gameplay, while gameplay dictates and influences the construction of gamespace.  Particular forms of play call for particular constructions of gamespace. Particular types of gamespace construct play in particular ways. This thesis identifies a number of way in which gamespace is configured for play. Finally this thesis operates as a conceptual framework for understanding gamespace and architecture in videogames.

Situations of Play: Patterns of Spatial Use in Videogames 
Situated Play- DiGRA 2007, Tokyo     Download PDF File
Play & Architecture in Videogames
Georgia Leigh McGregor


Units of Spatial Enquiry
Components of Videogames

Dissociation & Reconstitution
The Construction of Gamespace

Space & Objects
Representation & Abstraction in Gamespace

Situations of Play
Patterns of Spatial Use

Terra Ludus, Terra Paidea, Terra Prefab
Spatialisation of Play in Virtual Worlds
Terra Ludus, Terra Paidia, Terra Prefab:
Spatialization of Play in Videogames & Virtual Worlds
Interactive Entertainment, Brisbane 2008    Download PDF File
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