Georgia Leigh McGregor
Play & Architecture in Videogames
Alien Architecture
The Building/s of Extra-terrestrial Species -
Pre-twentieth Century
PhD Media Arts UNSW 2009

BA Architectural Design with First Class Honours
2004 - UTS Sydney

2004 University Medal
2004 William Edmund Kemp Memorial Prize       
2004 Board of Architects Year Prize               
2002 Alexander & Lloyd Australia Design Prize       
2002 Board of Architects Year Prize               
2001 Edward Alexander Memorial Prize               
2001 Board of Architects Year Prize
PhD Thesis
Conference Papers
Honours Thesis
Terra Ludus, Terra Paida, Terra Prefab  Spatialization of Play in Videogames and Virtual Worlds
Situations of Play
Patterns of Spatial Use in Videogames
Architecture, Space & Gameplay
in World of Warcraft and Battle for Middle Earth 2
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