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Geosurveys Australia Pty Ltd is a consulting mineral exploration and mapping company with particular expertise and knowledge of South Australian Precambrian geology and mineralisation, geographic computer information systems (GIS), car navigation systems and map compilation and publication.

Mineral Exploration

Geosurveys can provide an unique and comprehensive service to the mineral exploration industry and has conducted successful mineral exploration programs including geological mapping, database compilation, calcrete and soil sampling, drilling, environmental monitoring and ground geophysical surveys throughout southern Australia. Director and Chief Geologist, Dr John Parker, has over 25 years experience in mineral exploration and Government geological mapping programs and was recently responsible for the discovery of gold along the Yarlbrinda Shear Zone (Sheoak-Myall-Bimba, western Gawler Craton - see Gawler Craton Map Library). He has recently (1997) conducted exploration programs in the Musgrave Block (see Musgrave Block Map Library) and has also worked overseas in North America (Lake Superior region), Antarctica and Sri Lanka (see Sri Lanka Map Library) and has considerable experience in GIS database and map compilation - publication.

Other key personnel include geologist Richard Flint who has over 25 years government and industry experience originally in South Australia but more recently in Oman (5 years) and Zimbabwe (2 years). He has particular expertise in aeromagnetic interpretation and GIS map production. Geologist Dr Robin Uppill has over 20 years experience in mineral, particularly Cu-Au, exploration with a major Australian company. She also has considerable experience in GIS database and map compilation.

Geosurveys Australia maintains an active policy of working with Aboriginal communities and Geosurveys' staff have successfully negotiated access and Aboriginal heritage site clearance agreements with Native Title claimants and Aboriginal communities throughout South Australia. The company has undertaken field exploration programs for clients in Aboriginal Lands.

In addition to field programs, Geosurveys Australia can provide a range of office-based services and support including image processing, interpretation of aeromagnetic data and aerial photos by experienced structural geologists, exploration target generation, literature searches, compilation of historical exploration and geochemical data, tenement maintenance, land title searches, training workshops, geological drafting and digitising, GIS data compilation and processing, map production and publication, program budget management and technical reporting.

Environmental Monitoring

An important component of any field activity whether it is in mineral exploration, engineering, farming or any other form of land development, is maintaining an ongoing environmental monitoring program. Geosurveys has developed a system for establishing photo control points (see Environmental Monitoring) and has developed a range of benchmarks under the GAS system for evaluating rehabilitation programs.

GIS Services

Not only is Geosurveys Australia actively involved in mineral exploration, but the company has recently generated digital maps and related GIS datasets for both mineral exploration, general use and, in particular, GPS-based in-car navigation systems.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) have been around for several years but recent developments in software and availability of digital map data have opened up numerous new ways for using it to improve and enhance business opportunities. Do you know where all your clients or potential clients are located or what areas your distributors service or where all your competitors are located etc? Could you improve the efficiency of your ditribution network or expand your client base into areas not currently serviced by competitors? There are numerous ways in which we could help you.

Geosurveys Australia personnel have considerable expertise in establishing and manipulating GIS databases tailored to clients needs and we either have or have access to a large range of digital map data.

Field Equipment

The company has an extensive range of field equipment including 4WD vehicles, geochemical sampling gear, camping gear, HF and UHF radios, GPS units and field computers and can mobilise to anywhere in South Australia, Victoria, western New South Wales or Central Australia generally within 48 hours of leaving Adelaide.

Contact Us

No matter how big or small your project is, whether you have exploration licenses in SA, are looking for JV opportunities, need to evaluate the geographic distribution of clients and customers or wish to acquire either a GPS car navigation system or digital map, we look forward to discussing your requirements with you.

For further information about Geosurveys Australia, field workshops or future GIS products, please complete the details on the Registration of Interest page. We will respond ASAP.

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