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Geosurveys Australia is a value-adding SwiftMap Reseller.

SWIFTMAP ORDER FORM SwiftMap is a South Australian developed GPS navigation and tracking software package which has recently won major international awards for software in this field. It was developed in conjunction with the State Government Resource Information Group and comes with an excellent digital map dataset based on published 1:50,000 topo maps which have been scanned, registered to real-world geographic coordinates and mosaiced together to form a seemless coverage.

The first of these digital maps covering the Adelaide region from Victor Harbour in the south to Port Wakefield in the north and from Gulf St Vincent in the west to the River Murray in the east is available now. Others areas, including SE South Australia and the Flinders Ranges, will be available very soon and Geosurveys Australia is proposing to develop further digital road maps, tourist maps and related GIS CD-ROM data sets for the SwiftMap in-car navigation system very soon. If you have any suggestions for maps you would like, send us an email.

SwiftMap is the next generation CD based electronic paper mapping system. It is designed as an easy to use map tool for desktop or portable computers and combines the high density of information found on a printed map with the versatility and speed of your computer.

It is often said that a battle is always fought on the junction of four maps. By joining a large number of maps together in a large and continuous grid you can now scroll across many maps without coming to an edge. It is possible to travel for hundreds of kilometers before arriving at the end of the map data. It allows the operator to add personal symbols, notes and images to the map base, and get continuous display of coordinates. With the Global Positioning System (GPS) option enabled, it operates as a moving map display in vehicles. To operate SwiftMap successfully requires only a very small learning curve and it has many potential applications in many differing areas.

To order a copy of Swiftmap print out the attached order form and either fax it to Geosurveys Australia or direct to Swift Infotech.


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Alternatively, you may wish to locate your home, office or a friend on a standard UBD street directory. Simply type in the destination address on the Whereis website and the appropriate UBD map will be displayed along with your target destination. Have fun!

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