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Photography has been a passion of mine for a very long time.

It is a pursuit that you can easily have a love hate relationship with,
I'm happy to say there is much more love than hate.
Combining my love of motor bike riding and photography
has given me many hours of pleasure.
If I am really fortunate I manage to get both a great ride and a passable image or two.
The internet has been an excellent way to contact other photographers
and share methods and knowledge.
It is through the excellent sites provided by many
of these photographers I know but may never meet that
I have been encouraged to share some of my work.
I shoot both for pleasure and profit but the images on this site are all
my "pleasure" works.

Some technical stuff:
I shoot 35mm with an Olympus OM system,
medium format with a very ageing Hasselblad and lenses.
And My favourite a 5x4 system based around a Shen Hao
and a 1960's Calumet with a collection of newish and very old  lenses.

 In the darkroom I use a condenser Omega D2V and a DeVere 504 which are wonderful enlargers.

I use mainly Agfa APX 100 in 35mm and medium format with Efke 100 and also Foma 200 for 5x4.
With the passing of Agfa and Agfa  products I have had to look to other products in my darkroom.

I use Rodinal, D76 and some homebrewed film developers.

After a visit to America in 2005 I began using BTZS as my preferred complete
system of film testing and exposure. Phil Davis the author of the system
 has finally solved the mysteries of black and white exposure and development.

For any additional information please contact me.