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name: doug

age: born in the 60s

children: 1 beautiful little girl "claire eline"

usual job: television editor, director and producer

dream job: to be paid to tell stories

television job history: out of the square media - advertising agency, channel ten - newcastle, channel 3 nbn - newcastle, zero 1 zero sydney - outside broadcast, global television sydney - outside broadcast, australian broadcasting commission - sydney, austral vision - sydney, channel ten - sydney

dream life: to live in a community that has shared gardens, entertainment, social and eating places

usual place of residence: newcastle, australia

favorite pastimes: being a technical boffin, eating good food, gardening, story telling (video and internet) spending time with friends

favorite foods: indian, mexican, asian

greatest hope: that the world doesnt decend into a great big shit fight

most looking forward to: broadband to every household

religion: atheist, although i do like some of the ideas from eastern religions

favorite getaway: north coast nsw australia

favorite holiday destination: europe

favorite language: english

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