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12 dec. more new extra more dreams.

mini says,

A classroom under a tree like all those ancient dudes who talked and learned about philosophy, science, maths and stuff and they didn't have textbooks, but they were just interested in knowing stuff and they did . . . and they valued knowledge and knowing about all sorts of shit. In my utopian world EVERYONE would want to know all sorts of shit, like: how to solve a cryptic crossword how to mix up a curry powder how to kill cockroaches without any chemicals how to bang a nail in how to start a Vespa how to make the towels fluffy how to use essential oils how to grow coriander . . . but most of all, let people do what they do best, 'cause we are all good at different things. Most of all, we need willing people to teach willing kidlets (and for them to teach us too) all sorts of stuff. There MUST be: a dictionary a fuck-off stereo and you-beaut speakers (and awesome music that covers all sorts of tastes) art supplies a piano (I agree with Randi wholeheartedly) and other assorted instruments a still for making alcoholic bevs a fuck-off pantry the size of a house with only things of nutritional value in it no plastic bags (Hey, do you know what this kid at Coles says to me tonight?! When I packed my stuff into my own bag, he says: "Good to see someone saving Coles money"!!! And I says "Truthfully, Coles saving money is the last thing on my mind". And he says "You know these bags are recycled?". And I says " I'd rather not contribute to the necessity to recycle plastic. I'd rather you said that it was nice to see someone who cared about the environment". And he says " . . . but these plastic bags are environmentally friendly". Dougarooni, can we make sure people like that aren't around?) sewing paraphernalia computers and internet access so we can send letters of dissent to politicians and right-wing journalists a radio station a TV and Larry Sanders Show videos ... I could go on forever! Does that mean I'm being too materialistic? I see ... you are making us all want TOO MUCH!!! By the way, I agree with everyone else's ideas as well . . . especially the bike things (Wendy) Love to read more! Love to you all!

in a second mail mini says,

We should ban certain people if this is going to be utopia: John Laws/Alan Jones (they'd hate us all) Padraic P. McGuiness (he'd just hate us all too) Tony Abbott (he'd make us make workplace agreements for all the chores) John Howard (he'd send us to war with those 'we' don't agree with) Ray Martin (mmm, can't remember why) John Brogden (he'd make all the kids wear uniform and carry the Australian flag) etc. We should encourage drop-ins of the ilk of: Mike Bailey (he reads the weather like no-one else)

doug says,

yes, yes yes and yes, mmm curry powder.... mike bailey?, well ok, why not... the learning thing is of particular interest. when i was at school, i never felt comfortable in the rigid surroundings of a test oriented system. i would have loved to have gone to a steiner school, just for the emphasis of the love of learning. thanks mini, vera nice.

sonia says,

Doug, I thought I might be too late to include ideas for my ideal community….and that got me thinking……my community would have no deadlines nor hours to tell the time by, rather just ‘morning’, ‘afternoon’ and ‘night’ to judge that moment in time. People with a willingness to share with others would be a priority – sharing their dreams, food, aspirations and knowledge etc at no cost. A very large tree with limbs sturdy and wide enough to host groups of people would be wonderful. I can’t think of anything better than being high up in the biggest oak tree, standing on the tip of your toes and reaching for the sky! No war or corruption, no third world debt. Yes, I understand that there must be a Yin and Yang, a positive a minus, a good a bad – but why? Can’t we just have all that is good and be so appreciative that we don’t have to sacrifice anything of ourselves to make up for having so much of the good stuff? No guilt!!! Oh, and one or more of those podiums they had in Roman times where you could get up in the street square and have your say!! (No Life of Brian jokes please…) Goodness me – I sound like a hippie don’t I? What am I doing now? Sitting in a chair trying to earn enough money to buy the new shoes, new house and new gold bracelet I have a hankering for!! I am now stepping down from my pedestal…..before I fall off.

dougs says,

thats the beauty of dreams, you can make them all positive if you want. its the application of them in the real world that brings out the negative. although, you can add a bit of planning to minimise this... dont fall off just yet... keep on dreaming... thanks sonia, all good stuf.

10.dec. new extra more dreams.

annabelle says,

just wondering if we can have NO STRESS in this fabulous fairyland. because i've got a bit going at the moment and it would be nice to think i could go somewhere stress free! also can i please have a library with a huge log fireplace and bear skin rug (because i've always wanted to do it on a bear skin rug in front of a big fireplace). however, if this place is on the coast as suggested by some, can we please have a holiday home in the mountains (because i'd miss the snow) with the library, fireplace and bear skin rug. hope i'm not being difficult...

doug says,

if you consider waiting 1/2 hour for the chickens to lay some eggs for your breakfast, stress, then yes, there will be stress. can you hack it?. it raises a good point though. particularly about quality of life. time pressures and being put into situations that you have little control over, seem to me, two major causes of "bad" stress. i think we should ban clocks and watches and make work task based rather than time based. maybe that would remove most of that "bad" stress?

graham also says,

Okay so I undersatnd now! You see the problem was I recieved some of the answers before I recieved the question... I am not sure where the question got to but it seems it took the long road to our house. Yes i like being silly but that doesn't mean I am a moungrel!! I am not entirely convinced that you take me at all seriously Doug! I have long held very similar ideas to you and others on this list. I would love to build some sort of creative group living space. Most of the ideas so far are excellent. I wish we could build something like that here...I did hear the other day that a very small car parking space below the Essington Apartments sold at auction for $49, the chances look pretty bleak at the moment.The Real Estate mind-set is in full bloom at the moment Jane and I are thinking about the Urban Eco Village at Hexham at the all sounds pretty good..Low cost housing...rammed earth walls..mudbrick, stone friendly ...alot of similar ideas to what has been discussed but the one drawback is that is out at hexham and not in town where we really want to live. We love our life here in Cooks Hill but we can no longer afford to buy here...or even buy land to build a dream home...this Eco village may be our only chance. What we need is a Millionaire Philanthropist interested in alternative lifestyle eco experiments. I am not sure if it has been mentioned yet but some sort of amphitheatre would be good...also a Globe type performance still rules! Could we also fit in Ron Hartree and an art school too. Maybe someone might like a lowly stonecarver to help build the place???!!! I also piant, draw, dream..I may not be good enough to appear in a documentary about art but I could still add some creative life to your community...even if it is only as the resident art whinger! Every decent Utopia needs one of those.

doug says,

i should firstly say that the language loses something when put on paper (so to speak). the problem is that there is no way to see the writers facial expresions or the other interpersonal stuf that goes with communication when you can see and hear the other party. the reason i say that is that i think that you mis interpreted my meaning when i called you a "total rat bag". to be called a "total rat bag" is a term of endearment. look around graham, all of my friends are "total rat bags". i believe the old word for it is "larakin". the answer here is simple, everybody on the list has to buy a web cam and microphone. problem solved. your ideas are great! i cannot agree more about "live performance". i think we all spent too much time consuming inane commercial entertainment.

9th dec. extra more dreams.

marty replies,

No Dougy I wasn't taking the piss, I was just testing how a sense of humour would go in this new world.mmmm Something that always seems to be overlooked in any plans for a Utopian society.

doug says,

yes!, i coudnt agree more, marty. btw i think its heathy to take the piss, not to mention funny. ta

randi says,

incence, lots of colours, plants yes, choclate(the ones that give Velaug goose bumps) herbs for the medicine cabinet( and other cabinets) essential oils, lots and lots of books (spiritual, history, children's books) games like twister, miming and drawing games, a piano, nuts, a digital camera, a scanner, a computer, lots of cupboard space(yes i know i have just moved and are thinking about all these things that might be uneccesary but still...) wooden benches and other old furniture that we will fix, a massage room, candles, lovely music, cats and dogs, a view, no morgage.

doug says,

very nice randolla.

wendy says,

A few of those ridiculous-looking tricycle things that usually hang out in tourist places. You know the one's? Little canopy up top, everyone all in a row? Well, I'd like a contraption that uses two of these together, so that 3 people sit up front (one nursing the family dog) and 3 at the back, and any number of people can help peddle. There are several benefits to a contraption such as this: there are the environmental and health benefits which don't need mentioning really, but also there is the very important benefit of looking and feeling ridiculous. It's vital that we, in our wonderfully-designed aesthetically pleasing utopia, do not take ourselves too seriously. Being and feeling silly is very condusive to the play state, and play we must. Our chillun must also learn to not take themselves, or their significant others, very seriously. What better way to do this than to travel to school each day in contraptions that evolved from something that spent its early days behind a $15/hr (or part thereof) sign outside the Surfers Paradise Beachside Tourist Hire. Yes, Douglas, I'll learn to weld and will scan the Eastern coast of Australia for such tricycles to transport our children to school, the beaches, and movies.

doug says,

too much fun... a definate must have.

jeannie and glenn says,

How could you forget the BRICKLAYER Douggie??!!

dougs says,

good point, especialy knowing how much i like mud bricks

shaun also says,

All you need is love.... Oh and a hand gun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

doug says,

ok... doesnt everybody have a handgun allready?

8th dec. respect... just a little bit... just a little bit... ah ha.

an idea that has been festering away in my head lately. a better system for rules and dispute resolution in the utopian community. to have a community that has only one rule... and that is respect! i know that sounds highly optomistic but concider how old and isolated communities work. there will be from time to time problems of interpretation of what respect is. and i suggest that there be a three tier system of conflict resolution. firstly - to try to resolve it by the parties involved and posibly a mediator from the committee for such things. secondly - a meeting of the conflicting parties and the elected committee. and thirdly and lastly - a special meeting of the community with at least 2 weeks notice of the agenda and a corum of 3/4 of the population in attendace. with the final power of expolsion from the community in extreme cases. i like the idea of some tolerance within the community and i think that most societies have far to many rules. it often creates an "us and them" mentality. i cant see how the traditional court system is working so well for us. give dudicial power back to the people, i say. the only extra consideration is safeguards to avoid kangaroo courts and to keep due process and the presumption of inocence. food for thought from ranty mc rant. love doug ps. living up here, in the middle of nowhere, norway, it makes me think that email is like puting a note into a bottle and throwing it into the sea. waking up the next morning to find the beach littered with bottles from other people. just love it... long live unrestricted email.

8th dec. more dreams.

martin says,

I'd like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony, grow apple trees and honey bees and snow white turtle doves !

doug says,

call me perceptive marty, but are you taking the piss?

graham says,

I reckon you should build a giant palace made from fairy wait that's not very strong..think think think.... Yes Dental floss! that's it a giant palace made from dental floss...'used' would be cheaper and it would add texture and colour! What was the question again?

doug says,

graham, you are a total rat bag, therefor you are admited, the first resident of the new, new age, hippy dippy trippy, flower power, love and peace, alternate community.

shaun also says,

Dont forget an army to defend all that is good and right........................

doug says,


louise says,

a great coffee shop and shoe emporium a workable bart system plenty of private space and time skate board lanes communal baths piggies Seaside location.

doug says,

yep i agree lu

sharon says,

Permaculture garden with some ecoliving projects (recycling, worm farms, dung beetles etc..) Giant open air cinema Australian beach sand and loads of sunshine When can we move in? Sharon : )

doug says,

yep, and the big cinema sounds great, ta shaz

8th dec, jet ski tribe.

ric says,

Oh dougie........this will be the my first and last response to this theme park of yours..................It doesn't have to be a dream a thon........ I find it interesting that in this ideal world the participants are suggesting things that we already have and in my opinion are some of our greatest causes of the worlds problems. We already have people that want to escape their responsibilities, by going to the pub whilst somebody is minding their kids.On the way home they drop in at the talking circle and under the effects of their particular chemical vent their anger through slurred speech outraged at the fact that others have persecuted them because of their actions...........I mean all they want to do blast around the lake on their new jet ski. The "jetski tribe" are stronger and more numerous than the "non jet ski" tribe .So the once peaceful non jet ski tribe is making the "talking stick" sharp on one end in the communal workshop these men and women will stop this fuel burning persons warming parts of the planet to above 5 deg c which will affect the whole world as we know it. They have talked too long with no result,time for action as the stakes are too high.They will attack at night because the others are too strong and WEALTHY. The kids that have grown up in the care of the 24 hour child minders have a confused image of themselves.They cannot understand why their parents gave them to somebody else to take care of them.The parents seemed to think that running the winery was more important.Some kids are unable to come to grips with the lack of love coming from their parents who drink allot. To avoid the way they are feeling these boys and girls turn to the comfort and bliss of their new nirvana...........heroin.Beautiful,they don't need to talk,feel, swim or even eat......................they cant work either. In the tree house the keeper of collective village memories/events/ pissed off that people don't want to hear stories about people walking on paths to some where or nowhere and the shine is now off the swings.........forward backward forward backward ........I wonder how much a jetski is?He decides that by documenting the jetski tricks and the making of weapons we will sit and watch him act out the story without even going to the water.........its a bit far anyway . I would go to the 4th pub but as I've gotten older its not within walking distance anymore..............the other problem is I have a family member with a disability and the 24 hour day care centre wont take them ,they said they do the job for free already and they want their time in the lake and the pub. Nobody wants to hear the story teller anymore because he/she cant seem to tell the truth about how things "really" happened,I think its because they have their own still or dope all they do now is try to get a sense of self by putting their symbols on other peoples property in the dark of the night.The inability to express themselves in the talking circle or to feel the love of the community sadly was due to the whiskey. Many people are sick of the fighting between the tribes and the rubbish from the restaurants is piling up, nobody will clean it now it stinks.............. They will move on and build a new and better life.Lets chop down the tall trees and build a boat and sail over the water (which is now too foul) to drink and go to Australia...........there are others already living there but its a big place ,they will just have to share with us..................bring that pointed talking stick. The sick,the old,the disabled and the drug users are of no use on this tough voyage................they will have to stay...............they'll be alright,they can tell stories about the good old days and do tours of things the graffiti. This ideal world/ heaven/Eden /nirvana is an inside job.......Its about our attitudes and love.The idea that somebody else is going to provide a quality of life for us is unrealistic.WE make the difference.I ask myself what am I doing to put into the community to make it better.What will I leave behind.Am I able to put my needs second when necessary for the good of all? I love this planet and this community.........................It sounds like I'm bitter,I'm not I'm very sad and disillusioned about many issues.I am also unhappy because there are many times when I lack the ability the courage or the selflessness to do what I feel I need to do.I am sad for the kids.We are at our absolute best when we are doing for others,sadly, its usually a huge tragedy that forces us to bond together.................. Hope I didn't offend you by this letter,I went to write it several times and decided not to..........BUT it was important that I said what I thought on an issues that I feel so strongly about.I also hope that you understand the tone in which it was written,I don't do good word. Send more pics ,I really like you mate and the peek into your new life with the jobs, family, baby, snow and trucks is wonderful.......... love and peace.

doug says,

on the contrary ric, i think you do great "word". i flatered that you wrote such a heart felt reply. you run deep... very deep, and the community desparatly needs people just like you, ie selfless, giving without recieving, couragous, and a big sense of fun. you are that and so many other things. but the big thing that makes you stand out more than most is the fact that you engage whole heartedly and generously with the community. this makes you a rare animal indeed!, an island in a sea of fortress suburbia as i see it. where people dont engage and live in suspicion of their neighbours. its true to say that there is no perfect world. but there are some examples around, of some pretty crummy things in our communities. for example, the whole notion of entertainment as being something that you have to pay for, in my view is a bit limiting. so i like the idea of dreaming of what could be. the best thing about this open forum, is that it is thought provoking, soliciting, positive, negative, dismisive and comical responces. i just love it, thanks again ric.

6th dec. dream a thon.

doug says,

wow great responce so soon!!! here is an edited list so far,

charnelle says,

Places to play: a big, solid set of swings a tree house paths which lead somewhere and nowhere tall trees, a hill with a view, water Talking Circle: the place to discuss..where ideas can be spoken, shared and always respected.. a place to make village decisions...the talking stick/spoon/ could be useful A keeper of collective village memories/events/happenings, who would probably love working with the story teller.

doug says,

love your ideas charnelle, you have a fertile mind!

elisabeth says,

...and water, Doug. lots of it. A lake for swimming!!

doug says,

i like water too.

anji says,

How about a communal workshop space?

doug says,

nice idea, to work and be social at the same time as well as help when you need it. groovy anji.

shaun says,

What about a whisky still and an opium farm silly..................

doug says,

ermmm yeah, something like that...

glenn says,

The first thing to consider is location. Near the sea (not river, canal etc.. must be sea). Mild climate i.e.. something that does not go below +5 in Winter. Second. A good pub Third. A great pub Fourth. A fantastic pub (this is not in any particular order as each pub from time to time would put on special shows). Did I mention the Dom winery next door? a few good restaurants within walking distance. A 24 hour baby minding service stacked with loving and caring attendants.

doug says,

sounds like you have put some thoughts into this allready. great ideas.

thanks guys, keep sending them to me. at this stage of my life, i want to do more than just survive or exist, i want to live and paticularly live in a nice space. its time to start planning. i will post these ideas and others on my web site, when i get it going (does anyone have dreamweaver software????) that was fun.... more guys more!

5th dec. doug has dreams.

imagine that you could design and build your own community... what would be the sorts of things that you would include? i would like to start an open forum of ideas for the perfect village. so, if you have any send them to me and i will share them with the others on the list.

some ideas my nut noodle did fink.

- living space that has emphasis on beauty rather than economy.
- some shared space and some private space. the private space would be detached and be like an apartment.
- lots of garden space for food fun and flowers
- a big well equiped central kitcken. a place where people come to spend time together to eat and drink...
- music room with instruments and also to play cds
- people with skills like, bread maker, story teller, musicians, wine maker, food preserver, children minders, carpenter, mechanic, artists, book keepers, gardeners and lots of others.

well, thats a start. what do you think?

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