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film night

hey... do you want to see some of my films?

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7th may. spak fila...

i feel contented knowing that i had a productive day today. im indulging in some house renovations and that means a lovely new kitchen!

a tall order considering i dont have two bob to rub together... an alternate reno. id like to make it out of recycled hardword with welded steel frames. today i moved a power point, replaced a section of skirting board and some quad for the corners, the afternoon was spent filling the gaps between the old timber boards. the roughness of old houses is exhiting for me, the walls carry every injury and acident although i think it gives it some warmth.

while scraping paint, i found high on the wall an old gas outlet. it would have been there for a gas light fitting.i may send some pictures tomorrow of it all.

if i start filling up your mail box, then please mail me with an "unsubscribe" and ill take you off the list. even though these mails contain pix, i try to keep them small in file size, about 50k

"clarie eline tames one of the locals"

another in a series of pix taken this summer in cooks hill.

it features claire eline and our dear friend and neihbour katherine. here claire is teaching katherine a neat new lawn game.

"men and their machines"

tom and i discover broadband and its like re-discovering the internet all over again.

3rd may. dougs page restarts...

"you cheeky monkey!"

claire discovers the simple pleasures of emptying the contents of a tissue box.

"gismos, gadgets and widgets..."

my last entry was way back in march 2003. over 1 year ago! sooooo much has happened in my life since then, most of which will remain untold.

i am back in australia now and quite happily settled here for the moment. as ever, i am still trying to find somebody to pay me to tell stories. one day...

my little daughter "claire eline" is growing fast and is a real character. she and velaug are holidaying in norway at the moment, which gives me a chance to get my show on the road. however because claire is such a busy child, she is conspicuous by her absence.

there is a new button on my page, "data parts". since arriving back in australia i have been helping out friends with their computers and as such, there has been a steady increase in people interested in building, upgrading or repairing their machines. last count was 40 machines. the "data parts" area of this site is dedicated to a co-op style of "hand me down" computer parts. take a look if you are a weird arsed boffin like me.

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