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this is a list of isms, please send me some more.

some stuff just for fun

here are some isms that young man (my dad) used to say.

"well well well, three holes in the ground"

"I see said the blind man as he waved his wooden leg madly about"

"Have you heard the one about the three eggs?... Two (too) bad!"

"I see said the blind man as he read to his deaf son"

other isms

"care" = i dont care

"nippy on the pippy" = somewhat cold

"its a fish" = its official

"full as a fat girls sock" = no more cream puffs for me thanks

"who do you have to blow to get a beer around here?" = where is the bar

"its only me" (said in a hideious screeching way) = a greeting for people who barge in on you while your on the bog

"i got hungry during the potato famine" = just more silly doug nonsence

"musnt grumble" = i shouldnt complain

"och me gord" or "omg" = my word, that was a bit of a shock

"v v" = your very velcome (dont ask...just silly germanish)

"owru" = how are you

"lct" = a lovely cup of tea

"steak and kidney" = sydney

"googs zil" = cooks hill

"jeezors" = jesus

"a slutery" = a brothel

"back slider" = doug and megan

louise from england, now in cooks hill says,

hey mr doodie head (four year oldism)meaning hello dad,

Fork and Spoon Harry - meaning blimey 'insert name of offender here' whachewdothafor? you plank... useful when the sayer is too shocked to say much else to the sayee.

beth, an australian living in london says,

Being in Britain for almost two years I still put my foot in it.

SPUNK - Australian meaning - very attractive person of the opposite sex, or same sex depending on your preference) eg He's a spunk.

SPUNK - British meaning - sperm.

Tip: DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT on your first working day for the BBC, comment at an above average decibel, that a guy you've noticed walk past is a "spunk" in front of the PA of the Creative Director whom has just employed you.

And the true meaning, according to the Oxford Student's dictionary of Current English, is

Courage: a boy with plenty of spunk!.

Well we all know you men seem to have a constant supply of the stuff. Take that however you like.

dan sent this one and i dont know where he got it...

"nah, nah, it's all rigtht... I drive much better stoned." (nodding convincingly)

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